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4 Proven Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar… Yum! Yum!

We all know that Apple Cider Vinegar has a distinct taste and an incredibly potent smell, but did you know that it is so GOOD for your body! For centuries, vinegar has been used for various household remedies and numerous cooking purposes. It is claimed to help with all sorts of health problems. All of these benefits are supported by science. So give Apple Cider Vinegar a try with your next smoothie or even your next food dish! Trust us, you won’t regret it!

1.Kills many types of bacteria-

Vinegar is great for killing pathogens such as bacteria, and it is traditionally used for cleaning and disinfecting fungus, lice, warts, and ear infections.  Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates used vinegar for wound cleaning! Bottom line is the main substance in vinegar, acetic acid, can kill bacteria and/or prevent them from multiplying and reaching harmful levels.

2. High in acetic acid- In French, the word “vinegar” actually means “sour wine” and wine has to be good for you as well right!? Organic apple cider vinegar contains strands of proteins and enztmes with friendly bacteria that give the product so many benefits!

3. Lowers blood sugar levels and fights diabetes– The absolute best and most successful application of vinegar to date is in type 2 diabetic patients.  Type 2 diabetes is characterized by elevated blood sugars, and stabilizes your insulin levels. Everyone can benefit from keeping their blood sugar levels stable!

  • Improves insulin sensitivity during a high-carb meal by 19%-34%
  • Reduces the blood sugar by 34% when eating 50 grams of white bread
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bedtime can reduce fasting blood sugars by 4%

4. Makes you feel FULL= you get to lose weight!- Several human studies suggest that vinegar can increase, help you eat fewer calories and even lead to actual pound lost on the scale. Vinegar makes you feel full and eat less the rest of the day. Being used as a weight loss aid is one of the best things about apple cider vinegar!



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