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Infant Chiropractic for Colic

Yoli Better Body System

The number one health problem plaguing the U.S. today is obesity according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Ask almost any American and they’ll say — even if they aren’t obese — that they would like to lose a few pounds. But weight loss can be a challenging endeavor to tackle on your own. It seems simple — calories in vs calories out — but science is increasingly showing that’s not the case for everyone. Weight loss can be more complicated than that and with all the conflicting information on the Internet, where do you start?


With us!


We’re excited to announced the launch of a new 30-day weight loss program at Family Sport & Chiropractic. We are integrating the Yoli Better Body System into our list of holistic health offerings. Yoli is a complete body transformation system that uses science to develop a food program and supplement system that will help you achieve the following:


  • Body Alkalization
  • Blood Sugar Management
  • Detoxification
  • Better Digestion
  • Safe, Fast Weight Loss
  • Improved Sleep


The Yoli Better Body System offerings supplemental products to help boost your weight loss and ensure that you’re receiving complete nutrition. The Yoli Essential Shake is an all-natural meal replacement with a short ingredients list you can actually pronounce! The low-calorie, high-nutrient shake help you cut calories without feeling deprived.


In addition to the Yoli Essential Shake, the Yoli Passion energy drink is a part of the 30-day weight loss program. Passion is like a healthy Red Bull with Thermo-G to boost your metabolism and energy without the sugar crash. Contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, flavors, or sugars.


The Yoli Better Body System is fantastic on its own, but the real power behind Family Sport & Chiropractic’s 30-day weight loss program is the Health Coaching. Each participant gets one-on-one attention, support, and encouragement to help them achieve their goals.
If you’re feeling like you want a healthier body, don’t hesitate to start. You deserve a new outlook on life. Please contact us today to learn more about the 30-day weight loss program.

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Cheering for Chandler

When cancer strikes a child it is always a terrifying and sad thing. Unfortunately, cancer has struck a child close to our hearts at Family Sport & Chiropractic. Angie Johnson is an employee at Family Sport & Chiropractic and her son, Chandler, has been diagnosed with a malignant brain and spine tumor. We’re encouraging you help us support the Johnson family.

Our office is offering a New Client Exam Special. New clients will receive a full exam that includes x-rays, exam, and report of findings for $50.00, we will donate all proceeds to the Cheer for Chandler fund. We can’t think of a better cause.

Chandler Johnson is 13 years old and is a proud Solon Spartan. To his friends and family, he is always positive, easy-going and adorably clumsy. Since being diagnosed with a cancerous brain and spine tumor, Chandler has undergone emergency surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. Throughout this entire ordeal, he has not complained once!

As you can imagine, medical bills are quickly adding up for Chandler’s family. We’re so happy to do whatever we can to help them financially and emotionally through this tough time.

To learn more about Chandler and his story, his family has set up a the Facebook page “Cheering for Chandler #MaximumEffort.” Please feel free to share the page and messages with the hashtag #MaxiumEffort. The more people know, the more people can help!

To make an appointment at Family Sport & Chiropractic, please visit our contact page. If you would like to donate directly to the cause, please visit the Cheer For Chandler Go Fund Me page.

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Treating Colic with Chiropractic Care

Treating Colic with Chiropractic Care


For any parent that has had to deal with a colicky baby, we empathize. The options for treatment are limited and sometimes parents are told they just have to wait while the baby “grows out of it.” We wanted to let parents out there know that there are options. Chiropractic care can be an effective treatment for babies suffering from colic.


Colic is a disorder that affects approximately 10-20% of babies and is defined as any baby who cries for more than 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks — without diagnosis of any other illness causing the distress. Ultimately, colic is a bit of a mystery, but it is believed that is often caused by the following:


  • A growing digestive system
  • Gas
  • Hormones
  • Over stimulation
  • A still-developing nervous system


When you’re told there’s no cure for colic, as a parent that can be overwhelming. Dealing with a healthy baby is enough work on its own, let alone one that cries for hours everyday. Parents can feel helpless to comfort their child.


Luckily, there are some options. It has been shown in studies that chiropractic adjustments can help infants — 94% of infants show improvements in colic symptoms after an adjustment. In fact, chiropractic treatments showed more improvements over any other treatment including dietary changes and medication. In one study, infants given chiropractic care showed a 67% decrease in crying while those on medication only saw a 37% decrease.


What chiropractic care does is realign the infant and allow the body, immune system, and skeletal system function at optimal levels. A baby has just undergone some serious trauma to its systems — being crunched and twisted during birth. The outside world is a whole different experience to the still-developing immune system and overall body. A chiropractic adjustment helps realign the body so it can function properly.


If you’re thinking about chiropractic care for your infant, it’s important that you find a chiropractic that is trained and experience in infant care. At Family & Sport Chiropractic, we focus on the family and have helped countless infants find relief from colic — and helped their parents get some rest!


Contact us today for a free consultation to see if chiropractic care can be beneficial to your family.

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Sleep Better with Chiropractic

Get better sleep with chiropractic care


The power of chiropractic care can go beyond muscle and skeletal care. If you suffer from insomnia or struggle with sleep, chiropractic care could help you. Visiting your chiropractor could be just the solution to your sleep issues.


The top reason chiropractic care can help with sleep is its function in pain management. If it’s a sore lower back or achy neck that is causing you to toss and turn — a chiropractor can help with that. Chiropractic adjustments help return the body to it’s optimal alignment — relieving nerve pain and muscle soreness. Imagine the rest you could get if you had no pain!


In addition to adjustments, ask your chiropractor about the best sleep positions, pillows, and mattresses for optimal sleep. The way chiropractors understand body mechanics make them experts in understanding the best way to sleep. They may have recommendations on what pillow will help your neck pain or if you need a firmer mattress to realign your spine. A few changes in your bed, sleep routine, or sleeping position could significantly improve your quality of sleep.


If your insomnia isn’t stemming from pain, chiropractic care could still help you catch more z’s. Adjustments can help improve circulation and brain function — both which can help you snooze better at night.


In addition to seeking out chiropractic care, there are a few things you can try to get better sleep:


  • Avoid or limit caffeine intake
  • Get regular exercise
  • Avoid eating within a few hours of bedtime
  • Avoid TV or bright lights an hour before bedtime
  • Set a daily bedtime routine (hygiene, read a book, tidy up the bedroom, light stretching, etc) that helps your body know it’s time to sleep


If you are interested in talking about how chiropractic care can help you with your sleep problems, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


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Heart Health Month

February is special month — it’s the shortest month of the year, it’s Black History Month, it has Valentine’s Day, and it’s American Heart Month. These are all perfect reasons to love this month, but we have some even better reasons to love February this year.


All during the month of February, we’re offering first time massages at a discounted price of just $45! Enjoy the heart-healthy benefits of massage — relaxation, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, increased circulation — for the introductory price of just $45 for one hour (normally $60 for an hour). Book an appointment today.


Additionally, we’re offering a discount to the Zerona — a fat burning laser. The Zerona laser removes stubborn fat from problem areas without surgery, incisions, pain, or recovery time. It might sound too good to be true, but it really works! (See real life results of our clients). Just in time for spring break, we’re offering 20% off of six session packages. Hit that beach in the bikini worry-free after some sessions with the Zerona laser.


If you haven’t already, please follow Family Sport & Chiropractic on Facebook. We’re always announcing new products and specials there — you don’t want to miss out! Coming up soon is a 30-day weight loss program. We’ve been having great success with in the trial phase and are so excited to make it widely available. Follow us so you don’t miss the announcement!


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Feast Mode Engaged!

        Image result for Holiday weight gain

If you are anything like me, you absolutely love the holidays, and all of the food that comes with them. It starts with Halloween- every candy imaginable, in *huge* bags, at a really good price. At our house, we have 5 children, 3 of which went trick or treating this year- that means 3 glorious bags of candy to go through after they go to bed. Next, Thanksgiving. This holiday is a smorgasbord of delicious. No matter what you eat, it’s always good, and there is always plenty to choose from. Gravy, pie, potatoes, ham… most of us are guilty of giving thanks by gorging ourselves to the brim. Bring on Christmas! Holiday treats, homemade fudge, parties everywhere- work, family, friends, people you don’t really know, but like to party, so why not?? Then, there’s the actual holiday dinner. If you were lucky enough to have a grandma like I did, Christmas was a veritable feast. It’s no wonder statistics show most Americans gain weight during the holidays… how can you not?

Image result for Holiday feast

If the extra weight is something you are concerned about, don’t let those holiday dinners intimidate you. Thanks to the revolution of health conscious people (and Pinterest!), there is a whole world of healthy and delicious holiday alternatives, and we are here to help!

  1. Make your gravy with broth, instead of fat drippings. Here is the link to one of my favorites (you’re welcome)
  2. Use cauliflour, instead of potatoes for mashed potatoes. I honestly love this more than potatoes. It is so flavorful, and has a fantastic texture.
  3. Use Stevia (, instead of sugar. It has a wonderful taste, and less calories!
  4. Use a smaller plate. You can’t fit as much on that smaller plate, but it looks like you have a pile!
  5. Up your workout routine- Or start one

We all know extra weight on our bodies is unhealthy. It puts added pressure on our organs, leads to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It also puts more pressure on our spine, tendons and ligaments. Part of holistic healing is total body health, which means maintaining normal body weight. Along with good eating habits and exercise, Family Sport and Chiropractic offers weight management solutions, right here in our office. For example, our Zerona laser treatment. Zerona is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure to remove excess fat with no negative side effects, normally associated with surgical methods. These low level lasers disrupt fat cells, and send them to interstitial spaces in the body, where they are flushed out of the system entirely. The procedure lasts 45 minutes per treatment.

Image result for zerona before and after pictures

Average results after 6 treatments, over a 2 week period resulted in 3.64 inches circumference reduction! It can’t hurt to try




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Chiropractic for Injury Prevention

Chiropractic for injury prevention


Chiropractic for Injury Prevention

Youth sports is a very popular trend in the United States and across the globe. Millions of children and teens participate in some sort of sport, contact or otherwise. With any type of physical activity, an injury is always a concern. While this concern is something to take seriously, it is good for children mentally and physically to be exposed to physical activity, as well as a team atmosphere. When we think of sports injuries, or pain due to sports, we often only think of an older, seasoned player. A subject that is grounds for heated debate as of recently, is youth sports injuries, and how they impact a young person as they grow. A child, while better able to bounce back from an injury, is just as likely to suffer lifelong pain from a sports-related injury. At Family and nSport Chiropractic, we recommend regular adjustments for all athletes, youth or otherwise. Early preventive chiropractic is a great way to reduce the likelihood of an injury to your child.

Some things every parent should know about chiropractic treatment for their child:

  1. Almost all professional sports teams use chiropractic as a regular regimen. According to the professional Football Chiropractic Society, 34 chiropractors treat the 32 teams in the NFL and “Conservatively give 16,320 to 27,200 adjustments to the players in 120 days. Often times, a chiropractor is called to treat the injury before an MD is called to treat.
  2. Chiropractic care helps with flexibility and strength. Flexibility and strength are needed to prevent injuries, plain and simple! The lower leg, ankle, and foot are the most commonly injured body parts amongst athletes. These injuries are usually obtained by sudden movements, such as changing directions abruptly, or when tackling/being tackled. Increased flexibility means an increased range of motion, making it harder to injure your body.
  3. Chiropractic is designed to prevent injuries from occurring, as well as treating an injury. The better aligned your body is, the less likely an injury will occur. Also, it is far easier to keep the body aligned than it is to teach it to be in the correct position after an injury has already occurred.


What are the most common sports injuries?

  1. Acute Injuries: Typically arise from a collision with an object, or another player. Common acute injuries include fractures, bruises, sprains, and strains. Football, basketball, soccer and volleyball players are prone to these injuries.
  2. Overuse Injuries: It is very possible for young athletes to have an injury from the overuse of the body. Most commonly is shoulder injuries from baseball players, especially pitchers. Athletes who are exposed to high impacts, such as runners, who expose their bones and joints too hard surfaces such as pavement, are more likely to obtain stress fractures. Practice and games combined lead to these injuries. Overuse injuries affect muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and growth plates. Regular chiropractic care keeps young players bodies in perfect alignment and limbers up muscles and tendons to prevent these injuries BEFORE they become an ongoing problem.
  3. Catastrophic Injuries: These injuries are the scariest, and hardest to recover from. Even with training, high-tech equipment, and high supervision, accidents happen. Catastrophic injuries can lead to head and neck trauma, damage to the brain and spinal cord, paralysis, and loss of motor skills. Many new rules and regulations have been put in place on youth, collegiate and pro levels to prevent these injuries from happening.
  4. Concussion: A concussion is a mild brain injury caused by a hit to the head or body, which caused the brain to back and forth rapidly in the skull. They are most common in contact sports, such as football, hockey, wrestling, soccer, cheerleading, and gymnastics.
  5. Growth Plate Injuries: A growth plate is an area of developing cartilage tissue near the ends of long bones. Growth plates are the last portion of the bone to harden and remain vulnerable to injury in children. Injury to these plates can cause disruption of bone growth and bone deformity. These injuries usually happen in high contact sports.

Regular chiropractic care cannot prevent all injuries from happening, but it drastically reduces the chance of them happening and minimizes recovery time.


As a parent, I know how scary it can be to see your child laying there in pain during a sporting event. I myself have 5 children, all in sports (some more coordinated than the others haha!). They are all treated by Dr. Karim at Family and Sport Chiropractic. Caring for sports injuries, and preventing them from happening in the first place is something we are very passionate about. We love being a part of a young athlete’s performance and take this responsibility seriously.






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All you need to know about the Zerona laser

Family & Sport Chiropractic is now offering Zerona laser treatments.

The team at Family and Sport Chiropractic is always working hard to make sure we’re able to offer our clients the latest and greatest services in care. Our priority is making sure our customers feel their best, look their best, and are living their best lives. So today we’re bringing you the best new technique in body contouring, the Zerona laser!

Family and Sport Chiropractic is excited to now offer our clients Zerona laser treatment, the most effective and effortless body contouring procedure in the health and beauty industry today. Zerona uses cold laser technology to remove excess fat and efficiently sculpt the body without any surgery.

It’s completely safe and the most effective body-slimming treatment available today.



Cold laser technology has the remarkable ability to stimulate the body’s fat cells, subsequently releasing the cellular contents of those cells without disrupting other cells or capillaries. After the fat content has been emulsified, it is eventually absorbed by the lymphatic system, drastically shrinking the size of your fat cells. (It’s important to note that this does not harm your fat cell any way). This effectively sculpts the natural contours of the body. Simply through low-level stimulation, these lasers can remove over three inches from the waist, hips, and thighs!

Ultimately, Zerona laser treatment is the first FDA-approved procedure of its kind to offer a non-invasive alternative to surgical operations such as liposuction.

That means no negative side effects, no discomfort, and an easy, effortless recovery period. Plus, no anesthesia or other pain medications are required for the Zerona treatment.

During treatment you are feel free to relax, check your emails, and even make phone calls! Your technician will set up the laser so it’s directed at the area you’re targeting and you’ll spend twenty minutes on the front of your body, and then twenty minutes on the back. The entire procedure takes less than an hour. After treatment, you can go right back to business as usual! It is typically recommended to schedule at least 6 sessions, within 72 hours of each other, to begin with.

This procedure is ideal for people who have established a healthy diet and fitness routine and are looking for an extra boost or have specific pockets of fat they’d like to work a little further on. You can expect to see significant improvements after about four sessions, and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the results of Zerona will be long-lasting.



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The Importance of a Healthy Spine

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Spine

Often times when we think of feeling well, we don’t consider our spine, or how many of our body’s functions are directly related to this amazing structure.


What does your spine do?

Support your body’s weight
Controls movement and flexibility
Protects all your body’s structures
Enables sensory perception, thought and motion
Supports life functions of your organs



From the time we are born, our bodies have already experienced great trauma to the head, neck and spine. The many falls, accidents and strenuous movements we experience every day adds to the stress we put on our bodies, and let’s be honest- most of us do not have perfect posture. The hours spent slouching at a desk and all the heavy lifting takes a toll on the strength and stability of the spine.

All of this leads to our spine being out of alignment, thus putting undue stress on our muscles and nerves- all of which are connected to every single organ in our body. Regular chiropractic adjustments and massage not only get your spine to align properly, they take pressure off your nerves and muscles, which in turn relieves chronic pain.

For many people, feeling pain leads to taking some form of medication, usually painkillers, and hoping for the best. There is no such thing as an aspirin deficiency in our bodies, and pain associated with the spine is not normal and can lead to a variety of serious issues. Our bodies are structured to hold our weight, carry weight, and move freely. The only thing standing in the way is a healthy spine, muscles and nerves.

FACT: Americans consume around 80% of the world’s pharmaceuticals, and most of these are opioids.

FACT: Painkillers are not a CURE for pain.

Here at Family and Sport Chiropractic, we want you to feel better, and be a part of NATURAL healing and NATURAL body care. It is important to us to deliver not only pain and illness management, but for our patients to continue to feel better throughout their lifetime.

You only have one spine- Let us help you keep yours healthy!



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Word-of-the-day: Subluxation

Dr. Karim and staff at Family & Sport Chiropractor are big believers in patient education.  The initial intake includes x-rays and a thorough investigation about your current and past health, family history and is followed up by a Report-of-Findings analysis on your second visit. To use our state of the art equipment properly and individualize each adjustment, laser treatment, physical therapy session, massage, and all the other services we offer it is important Dr. Karim knows your specific case history.  It’s also important to us and for you to understand what your ailments are, preventative measures, and options on treatment.

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