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Do you floss your spine?

When dentists are asked about the importance of brushing and flossing, many observe, “just floss the teeth you want to keep!” Typical tooth brushing reaches only about 70% of tooth surfaces.  The 30% below the gumline is a breeding ground for disease and bad breath. Every day you take measures to maintain your teeth and gums.  You probably visit your dentist’s office once or twice a year.  How come no one says, “Once you go to a dentist, you have to go for the rest of your life?”

The fact is your spine requires maintenance, as do your skin, ears, fingernails, and hair.  Just think of what you put your spine through each day!  A stress-filled job, poorly designed chairs, repetitive motions, a lack of exercise, a sagging mattress and countless “microtraumas” that accumulate over time.  Your spine, and the nervous system it protects, is being constantly assaulted by the way we live our busy lives. And while a way to “floss your spine” hasn’t been invented, a visit to our office for regular chiropractic care is even better.  If it’s been awhile since your last visit or you are new to chiropractic, give us a call.  Let’s catch those little problems before they become serious.  We will help you keep your spine in optimum condition; at least the part of your spine you want to keep!

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