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Massage for Cyclists

At Family and Sport Chiropractic, one of our main goals is to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts improve in their sport of choice. As we move into summer months, helping cyclists with massage moves to the top of our list. Massage targeted towards the sport of cycling can significantly improve performance, ease pain, and reduce the risk of injury.


There are three main ways we deliver a sports massage to help you maximize your cycling:


  1. Pre-event. A pre-event massage is typically delivered on-site at a cycling event. It helps get muscles relaxed and circulation flowing to help improve the performance of the cycling event. This type of massage is fast-paced and stimulating — to get you pumped for the race!
  2. Post-event. A nice massage immediately after an event can be a cyclist’s dream. Post-event massages are also typically delivered on the event site, but are more relaxed than the pre-event massage. Having a massage post-event helps a cyclist recover quicker by aiding in the release of toxins that can build up in the body during strenuous exercise like cycling. It can reduce post-event soreness and help cyclists get back to training sooner. Post-event massage can be a tool to improve performance in the next event dramatically.
  3. Injury treatment. If you have the unfortunate experience of a cycling-related injury, massage can help you heal. Common injuries among cyclists include knee pain, tendonitis, lower back pain, neck strain, and muscle sprains. Sports-trained massage therapists can strategically treat any cycling injury and get you back on the road to recovery quicker.


If you’re interested in using massage as part of your cycling, we have sports-trained massage therapists ready. Prepare or recover from RAGBAI or one of the many other great cycling events our state hosts. Schedule a consultation today!