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Men and Chiropractic Care

Men are a little different than women when it comes to seeking care.  They may come in on their own or possibly because their significant other has made them, typically for a musculoskeletal complaint.   Chiropractic has been proven to be effective for complaints we commonly see like lower back pain, neck pain and headaches.   They can also be effective for other issues as well and the results we hear about are things like better sleep, more energy, better workouts, improved sexual function, less reflux, to name a few.

Why is that?  The nervous system controls more than just the muscular and sensory aspects;  it also controls your vital organs.  So by unblocking the nervous system for the pain that brings men into try care; it also unblocks some of the other nerves that control our organs and glands.     Here are a few other things we have had success with:   migraines, fibromyalgia, some types of infertility, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, certain sinus issues, allergies, asthma, extremity problems, constipation, multiple sclerosis, and even mood disorders.

Health for men, like women, is a state of balance within the body.  We are more than just the sum of our parts – we are whole and vitalistic.  The nervous system plays a role in regulation of this balance.  That is where chiropractic comes in.  As chiropractors we are doctors of the nervous system concerned with optimal nerve flow.   We are concerned with structure and function.



Jason’s Experience


“I am 36 and work for Iowa City as a firefighter. What brought me to chiropractic care was my wife. She had come here and thought I would benefit from seeing Dr. Karim.
Had I ever been to a chiropractor? No. I didn’t have any bad pain, so I didn’t want him to find anything. I didn’t want him to find something was wrong if there wasn’t anything wrong.

One leg was about an inch shorter than the other due to a tilt in my hips. I was informed this was pretty common.

Before Jason's hip adj

Before Jason’s hip adjustment

After Jason's hip adjustment

After Jason’s hip adjustment

I was surprised that he took x-rays the first visit. Dr. Karim was very professional and thorough. The video I watched was very helpful, I learned about chiropractic care more fully. I was also surprised at the cracks the doctor got from my back and neck during the adjustment.

After the adjustment, I felt taller and walked differently. I felt my body respond. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone with pain. I would recommend my mom for sure.

I don’t see a reason not to go to a chiropractor.

It can’t hurt and if it does it’s the good kind.”

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