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Posture: a real pain in the neck


Technology has really taken a weight off of our shoulders by making communication quick and (most times) efficient through emails, texts, facetime, audio recordings, useful apps, storing all of our contacts. Oh, the list could be its own blog post!  However, as we use devices such as ipads, cell phones, laptops and the like, the weight literally is put shoved back on to our shoulders, neck, back, and lower backs through poor posture.  And, this weight over time? Well, it’s not what our bodies can effectively hold.

cellLet’s think about school–post-grad, college, high school, elementary, or even pre-school.


College students? How many journal articles, papers and books do you read, neck tilted downward as you sit slouched in a soft comfy chair? Our neck and spine are built to hold a 12lbs (192oz.) head, once the weight increases, our bodies adjust to carry the extra weight.  Those adjustments, over time, can really reshape the body in quite significant ways.

heavy head

Little kids and big kids in school, you spend a lot of time is spent circling up and gaining knowledge with peers on hard, carpeted floors, at desks or in rows sitting in lecture halls. The body is able to conform and readjust, however, once these adjustments take hold, muscles and bones begin to readjust as well.


Knowledge can reshape your brain. It can be found in the classroom, books, outside, with others, independently, for fun, at work, knowledge is all around us and can really affect how you see and interact with the world.  This is also true of your posture. It can be found in sitting, standing, working out, cooking, reading, studying, playing an instrument in everything that makes up your day-to-day. Posture can shape and reshape your entire body!  Poor posture, over time, can lead to chronic pain that affects our mood and sets physical limitations on what we can and can not do in our daily life.

Over a long period of time (age 4 to around age 18+) we hold positions for the sake of absorbing knowledge that do not always bod well with the performance and health of our bodies.  Let’s change that today by first being mindful of our posture and then intentionally maintaining good posture throughout the school day, the work week, and throughout our life!

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