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Sleep Better with Chiropractic

Get better sleep with chiropractic care


The power of chiropractic care can go beyond muscle and skeletal care. If you suffer from insomnia or struggle with sleep, chiropractic care could help you. Visiting your chiropractor could be just the solution to your sleep issues.


The top reason chiropractic care can help with sleep is its function in pain management. If it’s a sore lower back or achy neck that is causing you to toss and turn — a chiropractor can help with that. Chiropractic adjustments help return the body to it’s optimal alignment — relieving nerve pain and muscle soreness. Imagine the rest you could get if you had no pain!


In addition to adjustments, ask your chiropractor about the best sleep positions, pillows, and mattresses for optimal sleep. The way chiropractors understand body mechanics make them experts in understanding the best way to sleep. They may have recommendations on what pillow will help your neck pain or if you need a firmer mattress to realign your spine. A few changes in your bed, sleep routine, or sleeping position could significantly improve your quality of sleep.


If your insomnia isn’t stemming from pain, chiropractic care could still help you catch more z’s. Adjustments can help improve circulation and brain function — both which can help you snooze better at night.


In addition to seeking out chiropractic care, there are a few things you can try to get better sleep:


  • Avoid or limit caffeine intake
  • Get regular exercise
  • Avoid eating within a few hours of bedtime
  • Avoid TV or bright lights an hour before bedtime
  • Set a daily bedtime routine (hygiene, read a book, tidy up the bedroom, light stretching, etc) that helps your body know it’s time to sleep


If you are interested in talking about how chiropractic care can help you with your sleep problems, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


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