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All you need to know about the Zerona laser

Family & Sport Chiropractic is now offering Zerona laser treatments.

The team at Family and Sport Chiropractic is always working hard to make sure we’re able to offer our clients the latest and greatest services in care. Our priority is making sure our customers feel their best, look their best, and are living their best lives. So today we’re bringing you the best new technique in body contouring, the Zerona laser!

Family and Sport Chiropractic is excited to now offer our clients Zerona laser treatment, the most effective and effortless body contouring procedure in the health and beauty industry today. Zerona uses cold laser technology to remove excess fat and efficiently sculpt the body without any surgery.

It’s completely safe and the most effective body-slimming treatment available today.



Cold laser technology has the remarkable ability to stimulate the body’s fat cells, subsequently releasing the cellular contents of those cells without disrupting other cells or capillaries. After the fat content has been emulsified, it is eventually absorbed by the lymphatic system, drastically shrinking the size of your fat cells. (It’s important to note that this does not harm your fat cell any way). This effectively sculpts the natural contours of the body. Simply through low-level stimulation, these lasers can remove over three inches from the waist, hips, and thighs!

Ultimately, Zerona laser treatment is the first FDA-approved procedure of its kind to offer a non-invasive alternative to surgical operations such as liposuction.

That means no negative side effects, no discomfort, and an easy, effortless recovery period. Plus, no anesthesia or other pain medications are required for the Zerona treatment.

During treatment you are feel free to relax, check your emails, and even make phone calls! Your technician will set up the laser so it’s directed at the area you’re targeting and you’ll spend twenty minutes on the front of your body, and then twenty minutes on the back. The entire procedure takes less than an hour. After treatment, you can go right back to business as usual! It is typically recommended to schedule at least 6 sessions, within 72 hours of each other, to begin with.

This procedure is ideal for people who have established a healthy diet and fitness routine and are looking for an extra boost or have specific pockets of fat they’d like to work a little further on. You can expect to see significant improvements after about four sessions, and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the results of Zerona will be long-lasting.



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