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Angie Jordan

Angie Jordan was born in Iowa City but raised in Harlingen, Texas. After growing up on the Gulf of Mexico, she ventured out to Williams, a small liberal arts college in the far northwestern corner of Massachusetts. After college, Angie designed and ran Children of Promise, a mentoring program for teens with parents in the penal system. Then, she briefly worked as a Family Support Counselor for the Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County before being promoted to Director of her household.

Currently, Angie keeps busy raising her two young children. She enjoys spending time with her husband, working in their yard, and volunteering in the community together. She also carves out time to play rec league volleyball, teach knitting classes at Home Ec. Workshop, facilitate groups at the University of Iowa’s Challenge Course, hang out with family, and play board games with friends.

In her spare time, Angie works for Dr. Karim because she believes chiropractic’s holistic form of care is essential for maintaining an active lifestyle.