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Chiropractic Tens Units

Using TENS Unit for Home Care

Using TENS Unit for Home Care


Have you visited your chiropractic and had them attach an odd electric contraption to you? And then after some time attached to the machine, you felt better? There’s a good chance this was a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine — a device utilized to help with acute and chronic pain.


Chiropractors and other holistic practitioners often use TENS units in their practices as a treatment in addition to traditional adjustments.


How Does a TENS Unit Work


A TENS machine attaches to the skin with electrodes to deliver electrical pulses into the muscles and body. These pulses help to block the message of pain that the body sends to the brain. If the brain isn’t receiving the messages from the body to feel pain — it can’t. A trained chiropractor can show you where to place the electrodes to best mitigate pain from that area.


In addition to blocking a pain response with electrical pulses, the TENS machine stimulates the production of endorphins. You may have heard of endorphins before — they’re the “feel good” hormones your body produces when put under certain stressors like aerobic exercise. For example, when people talk of “runner’s high,” they are usually referring to the flood of endorphins in the body after strenuous exercise.


The pulses the TENS machine sends into the body encourage production of endorphins. Those endorphins block the pain response in a similar way to morphine — without the dangerous and uncomfortable side effects that pain medication can cause.


Can I Use a TENS Unit at Home?


You don’t have to visit a chiropractor office to receive treatment from a TENS unit. TENS units are now developed in a variety of sizes and specs to accommodate home use — meaning you can feel relief from acute or chronic pain anytime you need it.


Worried you can’t afford it? A TENS device — unlike many other medical devices — has been adapted to be affordable for almost an income bracket. TENS units are available starting at as little as $32.


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Our team at Family & Sport Chiropractic is well-versed in using TENS units to treat acute and chronic pain. Please contact us to learn more about how you could use a TENS unit as part of your home care.