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Yoli Better Body System

The number one health problem plaguing the U.S. today is obesity according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Ask almost any American and they’ll say — even if they aren’t obese — that they would like to lose a few pounds. But weight loss can be a challenging endeavor to tackle on your own. It seems simple — calories in vs calories out — but science is increasingly showing that’s not the case for everyone. Weight loss can be more complicated than that and with all the conflicting information on the Internet, where do you start?


With us!


We’re excited to announced the launch of a new 30-day weight loss program at Family Sport & Chiropractic. We are integrating the Yoli Better Body System into our list of holistic health offerings. Yoli is a complete body transformation system that uses science to develop a food program and supplement system that will help you achieve the following:


  • Body Alkalization
  • Blood Sugar Management
  • Detoxification
  • Better Digestion
  • Safe, Fast Weight Loss
  • Improved Sleep


The Yoli Better Body System offerings supplemental products to help boost your weight loss and ensure that you’re receiving complete nutrition. The Yoli Essential Shake is an all-natural meal replacement with a short ingredients list you can actually pronounce! The low-calorie, high-nutrient shake help you cut calories without feeling deprived.


In addition to the Yoli Essential Shake, the Yoli Passion energy drink is a part of the 30-day weight loss program. Passion is like a healthy Red Bull with Thermo-G to boost your metabolism and energy without the sugar crash. Contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, flavors, or sugars.


The Yoli Better Body System is fantastic on its own, but the real power behind Family Sport & Chiropractic’s 30-day weight loss program is the Health Coaching. Each participant gets one-on-one attention, support, and encouragement to help them achieve their goals.
If you’re feeling like you want a healthier body, don’t hesitate to start. You deserve a new outlook on life. Please contact us today to learn more about the 30-day weight loss program.

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