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“You only have the pain to lose!”


Alleviating Fear and Embracing Curiosity

Fear. It can be one of those things that keeps us from acting in our own best interest. Fear of the unknown, fear of something that sounds similar to an unpleasant experience we had in the past, fear of feeling worse. What happens when fear meets pain? What happens when fear meets curiosity? When pain and curiosity outweigh fear, sometimes that may lead to a change in our behavior: the idea to try something different, something new. Here is an interview from a recent patient who had some apprehension about visiting a chiropractor.

Susan’s Experience:


I am 58 and a school teacher. I haven’t been to a chiropractor in 25 years. My knee and wrist were what brought me to see Dr. Karim.

Did I have any fears or concerns? I have a fear of all things medical, so yes, there was fear.

The care at Family & Sport Chiropractic is much more personalized than what I am used to from a doctor visit. I was surprised that Dr. Karim could assess and treat in the same session. He also helped me understand pain I had been feeling.

I had accepted my knee pain, wrist pain, and lack of mobility in my neck as “usual” old age things settling in. I would recommend this to “older” people who may think their pain is permanent. I also am a “large” lady who thought weight was causing pain and couldn’t be helped. So “large” people you may find relief too!

If you are afraid, do it anyway. You only have the pain to lose!


Our patients come from all walks of life, different ages, genders, and backgrounds. What they have in common is the shared experience of chiropractic care. Some people, if they have never been or have not been in a long time may experience some level of fear. Susan overcame her fear and entertained her curiosity. She now continues to follow her recommended treatment plan, and has been empowered by more knowledge of her body and how regular adjustments help heal ailments while maintaining a pain free state. Susan gained experience and knows what to expect each visit, thus eliminating the fear of the unknown.

Come schedule your first exam today, let us help alleviate your fears.

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